The Neighborhood

Spring Break: the time when teachers catch up on all the things they wanted to do/needed to do in the first three-or-so months since Christmas break. My list of things to do on Spring Break was not that long: practice the accompaniment for the school’s musical, finish grading the last assignment for my math class, get Krispy Kreme doughnuts, write a blog post, and organize a few things in the apartment. If I write this blog post, I will have done only the last two things on my list, and it’s already Thursday morning. I’ll manage the grading and the practice, but Krispy Kreme is not gonna happen. Maybe another holiday…

One winter afternoon, on my way home from school, I saw something unusual on the sidewalk. It was so odd that I had to take a picture. Since my camera was out, I took a few more pictures on the way home. As you’ll see, I decided to “reverse” the process the next morning on the way to school, home again, and back.

Yep, that is a fishhead. What we call "sardines" would be called "hamsi" here. Somehow, one lone head was left on a snowy sidewalk.

69 C is more than 160 F... guessing the thermometer has malfunctioned again.

The park next to my house... look for this same picture tomorrow!

Snow stops at a respectful distance from the tall "crown" tree in front of my apartment building.

A water bill; should put this somewhere safe. One of the old customs is that bills must only be paid on certain days; I've got to wait a week before paying this, regardless of my plans.

A little snow fell overnight...

That would look nice in the living room next Christmas (though it wouldn't fit)! We'll see this tree tomorrow...

Someone's leftovers, perhaps? Peppers, discarded, snowed upon, waiting...

A little more white stuff on the way home, day 2

Snow has breached the defenses.

Safely home: white stuff continues to fall from the sky.

All this snow means a holiday for students and teachers; the crown tree just gets cold and wet.

The Christmas tree looks even nicer today, doesn't it?

One response to “The Neighborhood

  1. Sara Campbell

    Good post! Glad all that snow is GONE!

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